Smart Tax Planning

Welcome to Smart Tax Planning Solutions

Welcome to Smart Tax Planning Solutions

         Coaches don’t send their athletes into the game without using a playbook, why
         would you do the same with your prospects? The Smart Tax Planning sales
         solution is your play book to creating more clients not just sales.

       1040 Tax Planner and Script

       Utilizing the tax return is the best way to truly evaluate your prospects entire situation and clearly        
       communicate the value of tax deferred annuity and life insurance products. The planner is a point-of-sale
       overlay that visually highlights each area of potential tax savings for clients. The script will educate you on
       each of these areas and give you the necessary talking points to use with clients.

       Educational PowerPoint and Training Call

       Expand your knowledge and confidence to incorporate smart tax planning into your practice, speak the
       language correctly and become tax savvy without crossing the boundary of giving tax advice. These broker-
       use-only presentations with voice over are valuable resource that can be viewed over and over again to help
       you solidify comfort level on the subject of tax planning.

       Prospecting Tools

       We also offer a pre-approach letter and suggested postcard verbiage and art to use in your postcard
       mailing campaign. In addition, there is a pre-approved newspaper ad for your customization and a PDF of
       a reply mailer.



       Smart Tax Planning is Available Free to Synergy Partnered Agents Click Here to Appoint or Call your Synergy Consultant