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This incentive and system is provided exclusively by Synergy Annuity Marketing, L.P. and is not underwritten or sponsored by any insurance company. Each certificate is good for 1 night and can be used individually or combined for an extended stay. There are no blackout dates. This incentive is solely for production on the ISSPWL (Interest Sensitive Single Premium Whole Life) product from Sagicor Life and is available for non-reduced commission cases through age 80. All cases must be Submitted in 2015 and paid “inforce” by 


. Incentive Certificate “Nights” and “Cash” will be available after the 30 day “free look” has expired which must be proved by providing a copy of the executed Delivery Receipt to Synergy Annuity Marketing, L.P.. Qualifying producers will receive a 1099. If there is ever a commission chargeback on one of these cases, the funds used to pay for this incentive will be charged back as well. Available only to producers at AGA level or below, not available to producers through a restricted channel. Synergy Annuity Marketing, L.P. reserves final judgement on qualifying cases and may modify or terminate the program at any time. Go See the World!