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Most of our carriers will require you to maintain E&O insurance. We are pleased to offer these discounted programs through our carrier relationships to keep your E&O insurance affordable. Please give us a call for further details!

E&O by Insurance Carrier


    E&O coverage is not only essential to protect your professional and personal interests, but it is also standard in the industry and required for all writing Producers at Legacy. Offered by E&O Pros, Legacy’s group-sponsored E&O plan provides coverage at competitive annual rates as low as $528 or $53 per month. Yes, we now offer monthly payment options, full 12-month certificates of coverage for mid-term enrollment, no cap on revenue for eligibility, expanded eligibility criteria, coverage for “supervision, management, and training” of agents insured in the program, coverage for Legacy-approved products written by carriers rated B++ or better by A.M. Best, and much more. Coverage options of $1 million/$2 million, $2 million/$3 million, and $3 million/$3 million $15 million aggregate are available as well as an option for IAR/Registered Representative.

    E&O Pros also provides competitive rates for agency coverage as well as risk management tools and educational videos to help you mitigate risk.
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  • Protective Contracted Producers:
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  • Protect yourself and your family with group Errors & Omissions (E&O) coverage from the National Association of Professional Agents (NAPA). Offering a complete benefits package, NAPA’s E&O insurance features comprehensive coverage, a $500 deductible and NAPA membership.
    Need E&O coverage?
    Enrollment is through NAPA. You may enroll online by visiting www.NAPA-Benefits.org/gaig. Remember, producers who are appointed on or after January 1, 2012, must provide proof of E&O insurance. The minimum coverage allowed is $1M per claim and $1M annual.Comprehensive protection
    • Our programs offer outstanding coverage at a group preferred rate. This means more coverage for lower premiums and lower deductibles.
    • Comprehensive coverage at a single preferred rate for the sale of servicing of life, accident and health; Medicare products, LTC and disability; fixed and fixed-indexed annuities; and mutual funds and variable products.
    • Full association membership and all of its rewards are available, including many discounts and savings opportunities.

    Plan highlights include

    • $500 deductible on Great American Life insurance company product-related claims (damages only),$5,000 deductible for non-Great American Life insurance company claims (damages and defense costs).
    • Group discounted premiums with five liability coverage options.
    • Prior acts coverage back to first date of continuous E&O coverage.
    • Defense costs are provided and are included within the limits of liability.
    • Coverage for your administrative, clerical and support personnel while they are acting on your behalf.
    • Coverage for any affiliated corporation, partnership or agency for their liability arising out of the individual insured’s professional services.

    Examples of E&O exposure

    • Making the simple statement to a client, “I will make sure that your claim is paid immediately,” binding the insurance carrier even though the claim may be denied for any number of legal reasons.
    • Instead of calling policyowner services, your client calls you to change his address. Mistakenly, you forget to forward this request to the home office. Four months later, your client files a claim only to find out that his policy has been canceled for non-payment.
    • While filling out an application for coverage, your client asks if a minor medical condition warrants being mentioned. You inform the client that it should not be an issue and your client does not include it on the application. Nine months later, benefits are denied because of misrepresentation by the client on the application.

    In all of these simple examples, you could be held liable for client damages – costing you thousands of dollars in legal fees and settlement costs.

    Plan restrictions

    • You must be actively contracted with a Great American Insurance Group subsidiary at the time of your effective date under this policy in order to be eligible for coverage.
    • You must be actively contracted with a Great American Insurance Group subsidiary at the time you submit a claim under this policy in order to be eligible for benefits.
    • If you are terminated from a Great American Insurance Group subsidiary during the policy period, coverage for any new business activities ceases immediately as of your termination date. You will be covered under a one year Automatic Extended Reporting Period beginning on the date of termination and terminating twelve months thereafter. The Extended Reporting Period applies to Wrongful Acts (I) committed after your Prior Acts date (II) committed before your termination date (III) solely relating to GAFRI products, all subject to the terms of the policy.
    • You must not have had a claim filed against you for alleged malpractice, error omission, mistake or other wrongful act that was paid out in excess of $25,000.
    • You must not have two or more claim notifications filed under a Life and Health Agent errors and omissions policy.

    To purchase E&O coverage:
    National Association of Professional Agents Customer Service
    (800) 593.7657

    You are required to have an active agent number with a Great American Insurance Group subsidiary to enroll and participate in Great American Insurance Group’s Sponsored E&O Plan. Processing and notification will take approximately 7-10 business days.

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    Affordable and comprehensive Errors & Omissions Insurance for Life & Health Agents, delivered by CalSurance® and Fireman’s Fund, via Automobile Insurance Company.

    Program Advantages Include:

    • Multiple Limit Options- Starting at $1M/$1M
    • Deductibles as Low as $500/claim
    • Immediate Certificate Delivery
    • Flexible Payment Plans
    • Top Rated Carrier
    • Extended Reporting Period (ERP) Available

    No Policy Aggregate! You do not share aggregate limits with other enrolled agents.

    For more information, please contact us at 800-745-7189 or info@calsurance.com.

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  • National Association of Professional Agents (NAPA)

    American Equity Agent Benefits Program

    The National Association of Professional Agents offers you direct access to a full line of insurance benefits and professional services tailored to your unique needs as an insurance professional including: Errors and Omissions Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Member Discounts and more!