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This “Hyatt Nights” program is world-class travel for 1/10 the usual production, a robust marketing system and is the absolute best fit for the 85% of retirees needing a strong wealth transfer solution!

To learn about this amazing program with great incentives, read through each of these four sections.

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  • The Product

    The Facts

    A recent LIMRA survey revealed that over 85% of monies placed in single premium annuities are not withdrawn during the owner’s lifetime. (The same goes for Bank CD owners and people sitting on cash in their brokerage accounts.)

    The Problem

    That means 85% of annuity and bank CD owners would have been better suited in a Wealth Transfer product.

    The Solution

    If their goal is to pass the money on, but they don’t want to give up control in case they need the money, then that’s what this is for!

    • Simplified Issue (no exam, just a phone interview & APS)
    • Return of Principal Guarantee (at any time)
    • Income Tax-Free Death Benefit
    • Chronic Illness Benefit

    Bottom Line

    It’s a true WIN/WIN. It’s an ideal fit for 85% of those clients and is fantastic for you. It guarantees an income tax free death benefit on day 1 that could take 10-20 years for a bank CD or annuity to match while staying liquid with money back guarantee at any time and leverage should they need their money due to a health issue. It’s ideal for the client, for their beneficiaries and for you.

    If 85% need it, why don’t more people own a Wealth Transfer product? Simple, no one told them about it!

    Contract with us to learn the 1 simple question you should ask every client!

  • The System

    The Hyatt Nights program comes loaded with a full system and toolkit, including stuffers, flyers, response cards, invites reminders and more! Check out what’s included in the exhaustive toolkit:tool collage

    • Seminar
      Presents Wealth Transfer to clients
    • Postcard System
      Turnkey postcard and response white paper
    • Pre-Approach Letters
      Reach new and existing clients
    • Email Marketing
      Template optimized for the Wealth Transfer message
    • Social Media
      Examples of posts covering Wealth Transfer
    • Fact Finder
      Gather needed client information
  • The Incentive

    Discover Luxurious destinations, spectacular settings, welcoming accommodations and unparalleled service at participating Hyatt locations worldwide with Hyatt Nights.

    Starting at ONLY $50,000 of Premium!

    Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

    Hyatt® is one of the global leaders in hospitality, and known the world over for their traditions of innovation and service with well over 500 locations around the world! WithHyatt Nights, you’ll have access to all participating locations–choose destinations in  exotic locations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Central America, Europe, Mexico, Middle East, South America, and of course the USA!

    Go WHERE you want! Go WHEN you want! Go with WHOEVER you want!


    • 1 Night Stay = $50k premium
    • 3 nights + $1,000 cash = $250k premium
    • 5 nights + $2,000 cash = $450k premium
    • 7 nights + $3,000 cash = $650k premium
    • 10 nights + $5,000 cash = $1M premium
    • an additional  $1,000 for each  $100k beyond $1M premium

    The FAQS

    Who is the insurance company, and what is the product?
    That depends.  To gain access to both the system AND incentive, you need to sell the “ISSPWL” a.k.a. Interest Sensitive Single Premium Whole Life product from Sagicor Life Insurance Company, an A-Excellent rated company with AM Best.  That said, the system is generic and works with a multitude of insurance companies offering wealth transfer products.

    Who can sell this?
    Anyone with a Group 1 Life and Health Insurance license.

    Is it indexed?
    No. However, there is an optional indexed version, but that product doesn’t count towards the Hyatt Nights incentive.

    What if I’m a career agent? (New York Life, Mass Mutual, Met Life, Northwestern Mutual, etc…)
    Not a problem as the primary product is not indexed and therefore not restricted making it free game.  It’s simply a life product ideally suited for your client that’s not offered by your primary company.

    What if I have a Broker/Dealer?
    Not a problem, in most cases, as this is not indexed and not an annuity and as such most B/D’s would consider it an (OBA) outside business activity.

    Is product training required?
    No. Not if selling the interest sensitive version which is the focus of this campaign.

    Can I submit business with contracting?
    Yes you can in most states, however, new business will not be processed until your contracting is complete.

    Compliance Approval?
    If you are a registered rep and required to send all marketing materials, including OBA, through compliance then this would be no exception. We’ll help!

    What if the client’s health is questionable?
    Talk with one of our underwriters after reviewing the carrier brochures to see if your client’s condition is addressed.

    Is it a MEC? (modified endowment contract)
    Yes, but then again isn’t the current place the money is housed (annuity, bank CD, etc…) effectively a MEC given you would have a taxable event if you withdrew the funds for personal use?

    What is Wealth Transfer?
    It’s a single premium life insurance contract that looks similar and is simplified like an annuity or bank CD, but with an income tax-free death benefit, simplified underwriting and a return of premium guarantee should the client ever need the funds or simply change their mind.

    Is there a cost to the sales system?
    Yes, there is an initial cost to pay the graphic designers for everything to be branded to you, but that cost will be reimbursed once you’ve placed at least $25,000 of premium in one of Sagicor’s wealth transfer products.

    Is there a case minimum when it comes to the incentive production tiers?
    No. Qualification can be for as few or as many cases as you wish.

    Are the Hyatt Nights certificates transferable to someone else?
    Yes! Give them to whoever you wish, or keep them for yourself.

    Can I combine Hyatt Night certificates?
    Yes! They can be used for individual nights, or combined for a multi-day stay.

    Do blackout dates exist for certificate usage?
    No official blackout dates are known. However, bookings would always be based on availability at that time.

    How long are certificates valid?
    Certificates are valid for 15 months.

    What kind of room is included?
    The Hyatt Nights certificates are valid for 1 night in a standard, single or double occupancy room.  The certificate covers the room rate and associated taxes.

    What if I want to upgrade my room?
    Absolutely!  You can accomplish that when booking your room, based on hotel availability, for an extra fee.  This is best accomplished by calling the number on the front of your certificate rather than booking online.

    Can I go to Hyatt’s all-inclusive locations?
    Yes!  There are participating locations included in the program.

    What if I want to go to another hotel outside of the program?
    Everything is possible and will be addressed on a case by case basis.

    Will I receive a 1099 for cash and Hyatt Nights certificates?
    Yes, you will receive a 1099 based on cash amount paid and room rates up to $490 per night.

    Are all Hyatt locations participating?
    Roughly 97% of Hyatt hotels are participating.  There are currently less than 20 that are outside the scope of this program due to cost per night, but over 580 locations are included.

The Hyatt Nights incentive is exclusive to Sagicor Life (ISSPWL)

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This exclusive incentive and system is not underwritten or sponsored by any insurance company. Each certificate is good for 1 night and can be used individually or combined for an extended stay. There are no blackout dates. The incentive is solely for production on the ISSPWL (Interest Sensitive Single Premium Whole Life) product from Sagicor Life and is available for non-reduced commission cases through age 80. All cases must be Submitted in 2015 and paid “inforce” by 12/1/15. Incentive Certificate “Nights” and “Cash” will be available after the 30 day “free look” has expired which must be proved by providing a copy of the executed Delivery Receipt to our agency. Qualifying producers will receive a 1099. If there is ever a commission chargeback on one of these cases, the funds used to pay for this incentive will be charged back as well. Available only to producers at AGA level or below, not available to producers through a restricted channel. We reserve final judgement on qualifying cases and may modify or terminate the program at any time. Go See the World!


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