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LTC vs. Medicaid and What You Should Know 11

This brainshark can help in the retirement planning process with your clients and why Medicaid is not something to count on. Urge your clients that purchasing an LTCi policy is the way to go!

Carrier Roundtable: State of the LTCi Industry

Can the industry remain viable by selling products that are both sustainable and affordable? Get the answers straight from the carriers themselves.

Listen to representatives from four of the industry’s top LTCi carriers as they discuss the state of the LTCi market and how agents can successfully adapt to the recent product changes.

The Road to Securing Your Future: 10 Things Your Clients Need to Know about Long-Term Care

Be Prepared for Long-Term Questions when they come. Get the answers to 10 questions your prospects should be asking about long-term care.

A No-Nonsense Look at Long-Term Care and How to Pay for It

Kiplinger put this video together to help people understand long-term care and how to pay for it. The content is totally product neutral so it’s not a sales pitch for any particular carrier (though there is an ad for John Hancock at the beginning).

We think it should be required viewing for all prospects, clients and even agents during Long-Term Care Awareness Month!

Watch this video: No-Nonsense Look at Long-Term Care

Dial Down Premium To Make an LTCi Policy More Affordable

Your client understands the need for LTCi, but feels the premium is too costly. He wants the policy, but can’t afford the premium.

With all the options available on Mutual of Omaha’s LTCi products, you can help the client “dial down” the premium to fit his budget. After all, some long-term care insurance is better than none. You can dial down premium in a number of ways:

  • Adjust the inflation protection option
  • Reduce the monthly benefit amount
  • Reduce the maximum monthly benefit amount for assisted living
  • Adjust the benefit period
  • Adjust the elimination period

Want to learn more about “Dialing Down Premium?”

Get more LTCI Sales Tips from Mutual of Omaha

Long-Term Care Numbers Positive or Negative?

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t read an article about how Americans are ill-prepared for a long-term care event, or how Medicaid is trembling under the weight of all the uninsured individuals receiving long-term care. An optimistic person might look at those facts as evidence of the tremendous need for Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi). But those who are more inclined to look for the gray lining in every opportunity might jump to a different conclusion: “Apparently, nobody out there is buying Long-Term Care Insurance,” they think. “Guess I won’t bother trying to sell it.”

These negative agents will find any number of reasons to convince themselves that their conclusion is true: LTCi is expensive, underwriting is too onerous, it’s hard to find leads, people don’t want to pay for something they may never use. But the evidence is not on their side.

Read the full article: Long-Term Care Numbers Positive or Negative?

3 in 4 Need More: 74% are concerned about needing some kind of Long-Term Care

74% of consumers age 55 to 65 say they are concerned about needing some kind of long-term care, according to Prudential Financial. That’s about three in every four of us!

Watch this video featuring nationally known elder care expert, Dr. Marion Somers. Dr. Somers shares insights into how people in this stage of life are prioritizing financial issues and how agents can raise the subject of long-term care in a positive way.

New! LTCi Direct Mail Lead Program

“Sure I’d like to sell more long-term care insurance, but how do I find qualified prospects?”

We get this question a lot. We understand it can be difficult to generate leads for prospects specifically looking for long-term care protection, but now you can with our completely turnkey direct mail program—that means no creating a campaign, stuffing envelopes or dealing with the printer. Just select a mail piece, a list, and place your order. Click Here to get started.


Think it's all doom and gloom in the Long-Term Care market? Think again.

While 2010 certainly was a volatile year for Long-Term Care insurance—with the passage of the CLASS Act, premium increases and carrier exits—one important thing has not changed: the overwhelming need for LTCi.

At Synergy Life Marketing, we believe that the more you know, the more you can sell. That’s why we created Synergy Life Marketing specifically to educate agents about our products and on keep you up-to-date on the latest changes in the industry.

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