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Synergy Provides you with superior Tax Solutions and Tax Planning for a better future.


FACT: 90% of high net worth clients (250k+ investible assets) want advisors to make recommendations in light of their tax situation.

TRUTH: Only 10% of advisors actually do so.

We have over a decade of success in helping producers build a thriving practice with smart tax pep and planning.
If you are looking for a way to work smarter, not harder, using tax alliances…
we can help without taking away from what you do best,
marketing your business, visiting with prospects and educating everyone you meet.

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Synergy CPA Solutions

A smart way to build your business. We make it easy to create a mutually beneficial relationships with CPA’s.  As a team you are stronger together and provide the best service possible to building financial plans that make sense.  

Smart Tax Planning

You don’t have to be a CPA to incorporate tax-planning into your practice. This kit explains how you can help clients create a tax-smart financial plan.

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Stay Tax Smart and get appointed today

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Advanced Solutions

Call for details on these solutions.  They are highly specialized to the right type of adviser.  

Tax Forms

Contact us today for your tax form needs!

Synergy Tax Solutions

A smart way to build your business. We make it easy to put a CPA in your corner and help your client with the biggest bill they’ll ever pay, TAXES!