Synergy Tax Solutions

A Financial Advisor and a CPA walk into the room.

Who is the most trusted by your client??


We use technology to make it easy to partner with a CPA  and have them always back your advice with their blessing. 

With our help you can confidently say, ” I own a CPA tax preparation firm!”


Have you ever given the most stellar recommendation only to be undone by your clients CPA? It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

If you are ready to put the CPA on your side, Synergy Tax Solutions is the answer! 

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How does it work?

  •  Now that you “own” a tax shop, we first coach you on effective ways to  market your new services to existing and potential clients. It’s not hard to turn heads when you offer a service that keeps Uncle Sam out of their pockets

  •  Remember you simply own a tax shop, you don’t prepare the taxes yourself. 

  •  We also provide training on intake and communicating with your clients throughout the process. Our system is 100% secure and IRS compliant. 

How do I benefit?

  •  When your team of tax professionals goes to work, they prepare not only the return, but also prepare any “what-if” returns to forecast scenarios showing the after-tax effect of your planning. 

  •  You”ll appear as the “alpha level” advisor and tax planning business increasing your value and word of mouth referrals.