Jennifer was born and raised on the southeast side of Houston. She has a large family that she enjoys spending time with when she isn’t working. Jennifer went to school in Dallas where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Child Learning and Development with an emphasis on Family Psychology.


Jennifer moved back to Houston after graduating school because she wanted to plant her roots where she grew up. Jennifer enjoys exploring Houston and the surrounding area. She loves to go mountain biking with her husband. She has a young son who she adores. She loves watching Disney movies with him and doing anything that makes him smile. Jennifer has a dachshund/yorkie mix named Niko. Between her large family, her young son, her husband, and Niko, Jennifer stays very busy outside of work.


After graduating college, Jennifer spent time working in preschools where she learned many life skills and her favorite moto “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. Her time with the preschoolers was wonderful but she had an itch to grow and move her career more into the corporate world. Jennifer found Synergy while on her search for a new career path. She loves working with Synergy, learning about the insurance and financial industry, and what it takes if you want to be a successful advisor. She loves that no one is alone at Synergy, there are always resources and other people to guide you. She feels that it is one of a few places that will give you all of the tools that you need to be a successful advisor.


Jennifer says that her overall career goal is to be somewhere that she can help make a difference and add value. She feels like “with Synergy, it’s not just insurance and annuities, we help people! We have the chance to make a large, positive impact!”

New Business
Back Office Support
Case Manager
Commisison Management