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Here's why we love working with business owners.

Small business owners often find themselves juggling multiple roles – from HR and IT to Senior Management and Operations all rolled into one. The demands of being a small business owner can be overwhelming and exhausting.

To cater to this market, offer them a straightforward solution that provides peace of mind for both their family and business's future. Assist business owners in planning for what comes next by introducing them to the benefits of a Buy-Sell Agreement.

While 71% of small business owners have considered who would take over their business in their absence, only 35% have a concrete business continuation plan in place. This lack of preparation can lead to chaos and potential failure if a transfer of ownership is needed due to retirement, disability, or death.

As a life insurance professional, you have the expertise to help business owners create a solid continuation plan using life insurance policies.

Here's how you can support Business Owners with Life Insurance:

- Establish a guaranteed buyer for the business in case of a triggering event

- Determine a fair market value for the business beforehand, protecting the owner and ensuring a smooth transition

- Prevent the surviving business owner(s) from having to work alongside the deceased person's family members if they prefer not to

- Provide much-needed liquidity to the family during a challenging time, facilitating the sale of the business to surviving partner(s)

By offering assistance in preparing business valuations and crafting appropriate life insurance proposals, you can equip business owners with the knowledge and tools needed to become experts in business insurance.