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Increasing Sales with Tax Returns

As a financial advisor, you know that tax planning is a crucial part of your clients' overall financial strategy. However, many clients don't want to revisit the tax return they have already filed with the IRS. They may wait until next year to explore ways to reduce their income tax, at which point there may not be much that can be done.

But, as the saying goes, "opportunity knocks." This is where you can step in and offer your services as a financial advisor. By proactively reaching out to your clients now, you can help them identify opportunities to reduce their income tax and suggest planning advantages.

To assist with this process, several of our core carriers have developed materials that include illustrations and commentary to help walk through a client's tax return. These materials make the process more focused and beneficial, and can help you point out potential opportunities that your clients may have missed.

But it's not just your clients who can benefit from these materials. You can also share them with CPAs to encourage them to review the returns of clients they may send to you for planning help.

To build a rapport with CPAs, you might even try using some good-natured jokes about insurance advisors. Who knows, they might even respond positively to them!

In conclusion, it's important to act now to help your clients identify tax planning opportunities before it's too late. By using the materials provided by our core carriers, you can offer proactive and valuable services to your clients and build stronger relationships with CPAs.