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Unlocking Financial Security: Asset-Based Long-Term Care Solutions

Long-term care is a reality that most individuals will face at some point in their lives, and the associated costs can be daunting. However, with Asset-Based Long-Term Care (LTC), your clients can proactively plan for these expenses while also securing additional benefits for their loved ones.

Asset-Based LTC combines LTC coverage with a death benefit, offering a comprehensive solution for managing potential long-term care expenses. Let's explore four client profiles that can benefit from this innovative approach:

1. Strategic Savers (Ages 40-80)

Clients in this category have "sleeping assets" or cash reserves, such as proceeds from the sale of a business, maturing CDs or bonds, funds from downsizing/selling a home, or recent inheritances. They are concerned about the impact a long-term care event could have on their spouse, family, and finances. For these clients, a single premium payment option offers a convenient way to secure LTC coverage and provide peace of mind.

2. Pre-Retirees (Ages 55-67)

Individuals nearing retirement with excess income for premiums are ideal candidates for Asset-Based LTC. They may prefer to access qualified money not needed for retirement income, making them well-suited for payment options like 5, 10, 20-pay, or pay for life. Their primary concern is safeguarding their spouse from the financial and lifestyle risks associated with LTC expenses.

3. Retired Individuals with Financial Assets (Various Ages)

Retirees with assets in IRAs, annuities, or other income sources can benefit from Asset-Based LTC by repositioning funds not needed for living expenses. By protecting their assets and reducing LTC dependence on family members, they can maintain financial independence and secure their legacy. Payment options like 5, 10, or 20-pay plans provide flexibility to align with their financial goals.

4. High Earners, Not Rich Yet (HENRYs) (Ages 40-55)

Clients in this category have excess annual liquidity and may have firsthand experience with providing care for family members. They recognize the value of purchasing LTC coverage earlier rather than later and may want to insure their parents for LTC to safeguard their own savings and retirement assets. With concerns about protecting assets across generations, payment options like 5, 10, or 20-pay plans offer a suitable solution.

In conclusion, Asset-Based Long-Term Care presents a versatile and effective strategy for addressing the financial challenges associated with long-term care. By understanding your clients' unique profiles and concerns, you can tailor solutions that provide both security and peace of mind for their future.